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About Vestre

When people come together, trust and community spirit arise

Vestre is one of Europe's foremost producers of sustainable furniture. What drives us is the desire to create social meeting places where people can come together in outdoor spaces – transcending social, cultural and economic differences. When people come together, trust and community spirit arise. We call it everyday democracy.

Prestigious locations for which Vestre has supplied furniture include Aker Brygge in Oslo, Times Square in New York, Forum Des Halles in Paris, Hornsberg Strandpark in Stockholm, the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, and King’s Cross in London. In recent years, we have more than tripled our sales revenues, and established branch offices in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and London. Our aim is to be recognised as the world’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer. We have integrated 9 of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals into our business philosophy and offer 150 products carrying Nordic Ecolabel certification. Each year, we donate 10 percent of our profits to projects worldwide that are working to promote sustainable development.

All manufacturing takes place in Norway and Sweden, using renewable energy and top-quality local materials with a long lifetime. In 2013, Vestre opened a new factory in Torsby, Sweden, which was designed by Snøhetta.

Vestre has previously received the “Brand Builder of the Year” award from the Federation of Norwegian Industries and been named “best for outdoor furniture” by the prestigious design and lifestyle magazine Monocle, which has a global readership. We work in partnership with over 30 acclaimed designers and have won a large number of national and international design awards.

Vestre was founded in Haugesund, Norway, in 1947. The company is still family owned.

«Vestre are leading the industry with their positive example in rethinking their approach to business.»

Forbes Magazine, 24. desember 2019.

«Through creativity and blue-sky thinking, the winner is able to combine a clear vision with an uncompromising emphasis on innovative design and quality. Vestre has enormous potential for further growth.»

Jury statement, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.