The Forest Camp

30 hektar Forest Camp

Over the next five years, we will develop an Forest Camp in the entire area. There will be art installations, exhibitions, a playground, a picnic area and much more. There will be mega-large Vestre furniture that is fun to climb and play on for children - of all ages.

Already now you can experience the installation "Canopy" and "The Best Weapon" along the Hans Børli poetry trail. Here there is a rich wildlife, which opens up for unique nature experiences for both young and old. Remember to always pay attention to nature, and do not leave rubbish.

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Welcome to the green roof

The Plus factory roof is open 24/7 for everyone, all year round. Here, visitors can get a closer look into the factory and manufacturing, in addition to experiencing the beautiful forest.

A homage to the freedom to roam

The surroundings of The Plus are 100% accessible to the public. At The Plus, there won't be any fences, boundaries or secrecy. We hope that hikers will actively use the park and even pitch their tents close to the factory. The Plus is a homage to the freedom to roam! Remember to show consideration for nature. Do not leave any litter. We have litter bins outside the factory.

Art installations and playful sculptures

In Vestre Forest Camp, you will soon find recognizable Vestre furniture, but in an over-dimensioned size. These will be fun to climb and play on for the kids! You can also experience the installation "The World Portal" and the peace bench "The Best Weapon" along the Hans Børli lyrical forest. In the Forest Camp, you will also find several areas for a picnic.

The Poetry Path

Hans Børli is one of Norway's most famous poets, and we think he deserves a lyrical forest in his own home area. In conjunction with the local council, we therefore want to make some of Børli’s most famous poems available to visitors through plaques, displays and activities along the public park’s many pathways.

New bridge over Vrangselva

In the five-year project plan, a new bridge over the Vrangselva is planned. This will link the park to the center of Magnor where visitors will find cafes, local accommodations and Magnor Glassworks.