For Children and Young People

Vestre Forest Camp - 30 hektar Experience Park

More details to come.

Over the next five years, we will develop an experience park in the entire area. There will be art installations, exhibitions, a playground, a picnic area and much more. There will be mega-large Vestre furniture that is fun to climb and play on for children - of all ages.

Already now you can experience the installation "Canopy" and "The Best Weapon" along the Hans Børli poetry trail. Here there is a rich wildlife, which opens up for unique nature experiences for both young and old. Remember to always pay attention to nature, and do not leave rubbish.

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Factory Slide

The Plus' green roof is available to everyone all year round. From the roof top you get a great overview. Here you are welcome to enjoy your packed lunch. When you descend into The Forest Camp, it is possible to take a shortcut with Norway's highest slide! With its 14,7 meter drop, this is very popular with children.

Take a look at the production

Our goal is to build the world's most open and transparent factory.

Come inside to experience the colorful factory

In the autumn of 2022, we will open up for guided tours inside the factory.